Cool Kids

Here are some pics from planet 2’s photo bombing around our school!!:) Check out our facials.

All these pictures were taken with the new cameras we got with the noel leaming vouchers from our win with the storyboard competition!


Year 8 Mural

Traditionally, departing year 8 students all work together to create a mural that will be displayed around the school.  Our current batch of year 8;s are working hard on theirs.  Here are a couple of sneak peeks- check back later to see the final product!

Kelly Tarltons Seahorse Kingdom

Late last term we heard back from Kelly Tarltons about their Seahorse Kingdom competition.  We had entered their competition earlier in the term to win a free trip there, and had made a stop motion movie based on Seahorse facts.  Well…….We WON!!!

The team were lucky enough to be able to take about 40 people.  Today was the big day.  Check out the pictures and the movie we made!


The Cay

Room 2 studied “The Cay’ in term 3.   The Cay is about a boy who, when World War II breaks out, Phillip and his mother board the Hato to Miami because the mother feels it’s unsafe. The ship is torpedoed, and Phillip is blinded by a blow on the head and stranded on the cay with Timothy, an old black man. They build a hut, and keep track of the days by throwing pebbles in a can. They live alone together for two months. In the opening chapters of the book, the pair display significant difficulty in being able to tolerate and work with each other, partly because of young white Phillip’s racial prejudice against the elderly black Timothy. The two characters learn to overcome their disdain for one another, and develop strong bonds of friendship by the end of the novel.


Planet 2 all created binary oppositions looking at the different messages within the story.  Some were about the message of friendship/hatred, and the themes of war and racism in the book.  Everyone did a fantastic job.


Doodle for Google

Recently internet search giant Google  ran a competition for kiwi kids to design their logo.  Their theme was ‘My wish for New Zealand’.  Entrants came up with some amazing designs and they all have some wonderful wishes for our country.

Emmelena's design was about increasing sustainability for our native flora and fauna

QR Codes

Some of the Planet 2 geniuses have been doing some extra for experts work during ICT time.  They have been using QR codes which are similar to a barcode in that they transmit information when using a special QR code reader.  I started a short story for the kids using this picture as inspiration:

The start of the story was this:

Sam gazed up and up. The rock seemed impossible to climb. The boat rocked beneath him as the waves slapped the sides.  As he got closer he realised that the shadow he had seen at the bottom of the rock was a set of stairs.  He rowed the boat closer and climbed out.  As he stood on the first stair he took a deep breath.  What would he find at the top of the stairs?  Sam began to climb.

Using a QR code generator the students created secret endings to the stories.  Some of them even have more than 1 part!.

Check them out below- and to unlock their secret message, copy the image and use a QR code reader to unlock them or if you have a smart phone, use a QR code reader app.





Meg and Jade

Masqerade Disco

The semior team threw a Masquerade disco last week to fundraise for an end of year trip.  Some of the masks were pretty awesome.  The Juniors had their disco earlier in the night and then the older kids partied hard in the later evening.  There were class battles (which room 3 won) and single dance battles.  We have some pretty talented dancers at Wellsford!  Check out the evenings fun.

Rugby World Cup 2011

To celebrate the start of the Rugby World Cup, Wellford really got behind their team and dressed in black for the occasion.  Check out the great face paint and whole school photos!

Drumming show

Today, after a few previous postponements we had the amazing Dylan Elise and his team at school to show us his awesome drumming show. Dylan had been drumming for over 15 years and you could tell all that practice had paid off. He taught us the different names for drums, played with cow bells and a high hat and even played the drums with his feet!!! Check out these few pics taken by our very own Meg!






DARE Day Out

Last Thursday, the entire year 7 & 8 team went to the Whangaparaoa Leisure Centre for the conclusion of our DARE study that we have all been undertaking this term in conjunction with the NZ Police.  The DARE program was called Gem of the First Water which was about making sensible choices and being aware of your actions.  It was enjoyed by all and we really enjoyed having Mr Watt and Mr Gould coming in every week to read to us.

The Leisure Centre was great and we had some group activites to complete first, including an awesome mat slide competition which even the parents and teachers tried out!  Check out the fun below!

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